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Hallmark Grandeur

Grandeur is Hallmark highest grade Egyptian cotton bed Linen series. Its characteristics focus on natural comfort than anything else. Most Grandeur designs are solid colors for perfect smoothness. They are  weaved from  super  fine  80 x 80  yarn-dyed Egyptian cotton.

Hallmark high thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen

Hallmark Classix Veralis

This is Hallmark most popular series. With 620 threads counts, Classix series fulfils the needs of many at affordable prices. Its jacquard design offers a wide range of choice, from subtle hues to brighter colours. Fabric is smooth and resists peeling.

Hallmark Classix been  trusted  as one of the best in design and quality in its class.

Hallmark Egyptian Cotton Grandeur Series in 820TC

Hallmark Egyptian Cotton Classix Series

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