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Hallmark 100% Combed Cotton Towel

with low-twist yarns

This medium-weight towel is made of 100% combed cotton. Combed cotton is superior to ordinary cotton because the fiber is long and even. Long fiber is smoother and exudes brilliant colors. Low-twist yarns result in higher water absorbency and softer fluffy  texture.

Hallmark 100% Fine Cotton Towels

Hallmark Egyptian 100% Cotton Towels

This Hallmark heavy towels are made from Egyptian cotton. Its fiber is long resulting in fine smoothness and highly water-absorbent.. Soft loops and lustrous, these towels are characterized by their heavy water retention.



Hallmark combed cotton towel

Hallmark 100% Combed Cotton Towel

This is Hallmark towel that is durable, yet soft and fluffy. Combing is a process that filters the yarns to yield long fibers while discarding the short fiber fragments. This results in smoother texture and stronger loops. Good for everyday use with frequent washes.

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Hallmark 100% Cotton Towels

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